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"Sam is one of those personalities that when you meet him for the first time he is welcoming, super friendly, down to earth and positive.

Whenever I have performed with Sam, he makes you feel safe. He really knows how to get inside a song and map out harmonies for himself and others that will compliment the song without overpowering anyone else. He can also recall everyone's harmonies on cue!

His soulful tones resonate through his vocal technique and delivery. He really is truly talented!

I always look forward to working with Sam. He is a dream to sing alongside."

- Amy Hawthorn

"Vocally Sam is a force, a physical energy that will reach into anyone who listens and fill them with warmth.

He is an absolute joy to sing with. Not only is he an extremely versatile vocalist, but also an amazing showman who can get any audience on their feet.

By ear, he can create a vocal arrangement of beautiful harmonies flawlessly. He has the ability to lift everyone up and bring out confidence in them, which I’m sure will be apparent in his teaching. In the 7 years I had the pleasure of singing with Sam I learned so much from him. Singing with Sam always made me feel completely at ease and I knew he would always have my back.

He is a wonderful person who will face any situation with professionalism, grace and a big smile!"

- Laura Dougan

If you have the opportunity to work with Sam, take it. Having had the pleasure of fronting a band with Sam for the last 3 years, I can say with certainty that you will not regret it.

Not just an amazingly talented vocalist, Sam is a supportive colleague and friend who will always make you feel comfortable and remind you of positive qualities.

I met Sam at the very beginning of my career as a professional singer and he deserves a lot of the credit for the progress I have made since then. Sam has encouraged me to harness my potential and grow in confidence beyond what I could have hoped over the past three years.

Musically, Sam can adapt to any style and with the range he has developed, you could substitute him for a male or female vocalist any day!

I could say so much more but - again - if you get the chance to work with Sam, take it.

- Kayleigh Stockley

I would highly recommend Sam as a vocal coach for anyone wanting to learn how to use or find their voice.

He has copious amount of experience and his reputation is growing as one of the most sought after session singers around. His ear for harmonies and musical diversity allows him to be a chameleon in the studio but can also lead as a front man on stage which is rare.

Its always a pleasure working with him in any musical environment.

- Ian Hendry

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